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Unity's "Wait for managed debugger" on the Vive Focus


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I'm trying to debug a Unity application on the Vive Focus. I can attach the Visual Studio debugger via USB or TCP once the app is running, but the bug I'm trying to figure out happens during the app's start-up. Unity has a build option "Wait for managed debugger" which puts the app to sleep until a debugger is attached. When I use this with the focus, then the Vive loading screen (with the blue Vive squid logo) goes dark, which presumably represents the point where the app waits for the debugger. However, if I then attach the debugger, the app never resumes and is just stuck on that dark loading screen.


Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution to the issue?

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Quick update: I noticed that Android itself also has a "Wait for Debugger" option in the developer options. Turning that on brings up a dialogue split over both eyes that the app is waiting for a debugger, but a) Visual Studio doesn't find the app in this state, so I can't actually attach the debugger and b) there's no way to interact with that dialogue and it remains even if I force-quit the app through adb, so I can only exit this state by shutting down the Focus completely.

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