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VIVE FOCUS - Headset adjustment wheel no longer grabs. Anyone else have this issue?


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We're installing about 5 Vive Focus units at an attraction. Our demo unit in the office after about a month has lost the ability to maintain it's headset adjustment wheel position. Once you tighten the wheel so the strap fits snug on your head, the slightest movement causes the wheel to spin in the other direction and come loose. 


This barely stood up to "consumer grade" home use - this will not endure use in public if this is a manufacturing defect. 


Has anyone else experienced this?


I took the unit the strap apart and you can see that the black plastic wheel which should lock the positioning into place doesnt even touch the "teeth" on the outer ring. 


If anyone has any thoughts or feedback it would be appreciated!



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I have the exact same problem
I have found that it sometimes fixes itself if i tighten it all the way.. then attempt to put it on the head, gradually loosening it, then tightening it again.  At first i assumed there was some issue with my headset, but seems to be some design flaw
For now, I am trying not to touch the adjuster too much (And it is recommended not to pick up the thing from the ring either
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