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Need good computer for VR

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So basically, I need a good computer for a normal HTC Vive. I know what the minimum specs are and all, but I have this laptop (no upgrades just default $850 model). I would like that laptop to function as a monitor and keyboard. I also don't know if I could combine the specs of the stuff I have to make it better. For example, if somehow I attached another gtx 1050, would it still have the same power or would it double? That's why I'm coming here, and I have a $750 budget for the PC part, the money for an actual vive is set aside somewhere else. Thanks in advance.

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As we've replied in your other thread - that's not really how eGPU's work (especially with VR which have completely different rendering pipelines than 2D games) and whatever eGPU enclosure you use, you'll loose a portion of it's performance when connected via an eGPU and that percentage will depend on the summation all of the unique elements of your setup. If you use an eGPU is will replace your dGPU, not act as some sort of SLI bridge - SLI is a very specific rendering pipeline that's built into motherboards at the hardware level and almost no VR titles support SLI in software. If you put in another GTX1050 in an eGPU enclosure, you'd get much lower pref than what's in your stock laptop (which is underspec to begin with). 


Realistically your money is best spent buying hardware that nativity supports VR. With the announcement of the GTX2060, you can do a reasonably powerful desktop build that likely clocks in under $1000 and will run VR far better then any sort of eGPU setup you'd achieve. You never provided specs in your main post - it looks like your laptop isn't even compatible with the official Omen eGPU (Omen accelerator). Your laptop is an entry level gaming laptop - there's only so much you can do with that hardware. 

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