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Voice Chat Audio bug


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I posted this on Reddit earlier, but to no avail so I am going to try my luck here. 

I recently got an HTC Vive Pro and have loved every second of it but as soon as I got it out of the box, the audio was occasionally buggy, I eventually fixed it by changing the bitrate to CD quality, but I have encountered a new audio problem that I can't seem to find any other references to. When I am in a game, in my case Contractors, the voice chat audio get super distorted, it doesn't get tinny, it just gets super staticy, kind of quiet, and sounds like it goes through a voice modulator that makes it super bass-y. 


Another issue I am having with the audio that I can't figure out is when my headset is in standby mode, all other audio from my computer, like Spotify and discord sound just fine, but as soon as I launch SteamVR, the audio gets the same distortion as above, and from what my friends have told me my mic gets the same effect. 


Any suggestions?



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