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Need support! Base Station 2.0 RMA Nightmare


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Are there any customer service reps who can help me? I am in desperate need of customer support. My emails to customer service have gone unanswered. No response on social media, and live chat has been completely ineffective.


I purchased an HTC Vive Pro bundle from Microcenter back mid October. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more. Then one day, I noticed my tracking was experiencing issues. Upon further investigations, I determined with the help of online communities, primarily Reddit and this forum (community members) that I was experiencing a mechanical failure with my base station. With the help of Live Chat, I was sent an email with instructions on how to ship my base station 2.0 to an RMA center in Texas. I sent my device in immediately the following day. From that day forth customer support has been unhelpful in returning my base station or providing any useful information.


I have been waiting 9 weeks for my RMA and customer support has not been able to give me any useful information on how long it's going to take or even if my device is lost. I've been told on 3 separate occasions that my case was being escalated and that someone more senior would be reaching out to me via email but I have not heard back anything in 3 weeks. 


Is there anyone here who is able to get me the support I need? It's been 9 weeks. 2 months. since my base station has been in for service. At this point, I've had my htc out of service for two times longer than I've owned it. 





Help me.

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Ive gotten to this point as well. Though its only been nearing a month here. Their original estimate was up to two weeks to repair. Mine has been in since the 17th of December, and my emails are going unanswered now aswell. And the tracking page hasnt updated at all since the 17th. Ive tried making another ticket which also has gone unaddressed.


The lack of any response or aknowledgement is a bit worrying.

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  you wouldn't be the only one. I spoke with Synthesis via PM, and he looked into it. HTC is allegedly having issues sourcing parts? Since my repair has continued through the christmas and newyear holidays, the rep effectively told me those 2 weeks don't count. So we're in week 10 now, but he said its been 6 weeks (as of last week). I was told by synthesis that 6 weeks is not abnormal. but like you, I was told 2 weeks turnaround time. 


I have a tracking number that shows that my product was received 10 weeks ago at their repair station and they have not been very effective or helpful aside from telling me, "it's around the corner.. almost there.. any day now" 

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This is an utter disgrace, HTC. I have a friend with a similar issue where he's been thrown around service rep after service rep to no avail. You guys are going to make the competition look good by comparison and I abhor Facebook. Shape up and start showing why you guys are the #1 VR headset or else you may be going the way of VHS and Laserdiscs. WMR and Rift are looking mighty fine and seeing all this customer support blundering. For shame!

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I just chatted with Vive about my base station 2.0 with red blinking light. Told atleast 4 weeks and no way to buy a replacement in meantime. I am thinking I need to find a way to return. I'ts too bad, when it's working it's awesome but the customer service, suppot and even instructions are terrible. It's still hard to find information on the site without reading aout 1.0. 

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