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Weird Camera behavior


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When I'm using the two Cameras to display something on my app, and then hover with my hand over the two camera lenses, the result of the camera gets darker...


How to reproduce:


Just double press the On/Off button to switch to camera mode. And cover the camera lenses just for a moment  and notice the different. Then you have to lay down the device and wear it again, so you can reproduce the scenario again.

2 Questions:

1) Why does it happen?

2) Can I switch somehow between the darker/lighter mode? The darker mode is for my case more benefical. 

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Not fully understand what you mention.

Does camera mode mean you can see external environment (also call see through)?

Have you seen any system notification message when you cover hand on the camera for a while?

Suppose the system detect the camera input data can't provide enough information for tracking usage so the system will notify Lose Tracking .... and the whole environment will go darker (which is a user interface design) and resume as normal if tracking signal quality is back.


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