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Help with a HTC Vive


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I am not quite sure with whom, I could inquire about this, however this is the situation. I found out a couple days ago my aunt brain cancer has returned and she only has a few weeks to live. My mom informed me that all she wanted to do was go go the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately she is took sick to fly. I did my research and see that your VR system the HTC vive, portrays and actual live life like image through your system and Google earth app to make that happen. I wanted to see if your company happen to have any prototype that was defected or scratch that I could acquire from you. I'm a not a financial rich college student and I am unable to afford the device. To fulfill her wish, that's why I wanted to plead to anyone who might be able to help me out. I would and my family would beyond greatly appreciate it . Thank you.

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Started out great fun to play. About a week and a half past the return date the vive stopped working. We did all the trouble shooting on steam and htc's sites nothing helped. Contacted HTC Tec support they gave a few others to try but they didn't work. Sent the head set in for repair. HTC is telling me to pay $270.00 for the repair. they say its water damaged. How can you make something that gets strapped to your body (head) and not make it water (sweat) proof. I own watches and phones that are water proof. And for the head set not to be is a manufacturer flaw. Also HTC changed the wording of their warrantee from does not cover water damage other than perspiration to does not cover water damage. So now I'll have to contact a lawyer , BBB and consumer protection agency

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