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HTC VIVE Pro second controller paired does not track properly and loses connection.


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Hello all,

First of all I'm really desperate. I bought my VIVE Pro in November and keep tryin to get it to work since then.

I talked to the customer service a few times but all they tell me is to send in the product AGAIN. I already did that and it came back with a repairing protocoll that says "no failures/faults found." I hope some of you have any idea which could help me. I found a similar thread here already but there was no solution to this postet and the thread stopped a year ago.


Upfront sorry for my grammar not a native english speaker here, hope you'll get everyting.


The problem is the following:

The second controller I pair jitters all the time and when I move it around it loses connection alot. In steam VR it says from time to time "controller paired but not tracking".

When I unpair the controllers and re-pair the controller that had the problem before pairing the "intact" controller, the faulty one works perfect and the other one who worked in the first plays has the issue, so its not the controller.


My specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.20GHz

Motherboard: MSI 970 GAMING





Here is what I tried so far:


-Sending in the controller for repair, they came back saying "no failures/faults found"

-Sending in the headset. Same. "no failures/faults found"

-Covering everything that could reflect like windows, glasses etc. I even covered the whole floor with blankets!

-Putting all metallic things out of my room like frames, vases etc.

-Turning off the router and everything that is wirelessly connected to the internet. (mobile phones etc)

-Using steamVR beta isntead of steamVR

-using the unpairall command in the console and re-pair

-reinstalling steam/steamVR

-reinstalling the drivers of the VIVE

-Using usb prot 3.0/2.0

-Using a PCI-E card

-Switching the places of the basestation

-Wallmount/stands for the basestation

-Turning off the VIVE Pros camera

-Enable/disdable bluetooth

-Switching the audio channel of the VIVE HDMI/usb

-This morning I swiped my computer totally and reinstalled windows 10 and this didnt help either...

Im sure I forgot some things I've tried but I really dont know what to do anymore. Would be nice if anyone here would have some suggestions for me! thanks upfront.

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You've done everything I can think of save for three things:

  • Trying the kit on a secondary computer - this is how you isolate the problem as being PC specific
  • Trying to setup your kit on the same PC in a different environment (i.e. another location) - this isolates environmental factors
  • Debugging your 2.4Ghz RF spectrum. Vive controllers talk to the HMD via BT (2.45 GHz) which makes them susceptible to cross-talk from other Bluetooth devices and 2.4Ghz WiFi. You can try disabling any 2.4Ghz WiFi SSIDs in your house and other BT sources and see if that affects the behavior (this is hard to control if you live in a city). The types of issues you're describing mirror what happens when you start to use more than 10 trackers in a single space and they start talking over one another.


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