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Vive Focus, Unity stereoscopic skybox (WaveVR)?


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Hi everyone,

I am experimenting with Vive Focus+Unity and I would like to use pre-rendered stereoscopic background in my project. I'm able to calculate a stereo panorama in my V-Ray (left and right eye lat-long picture), but when I try use this shader Unity stereo skybox shader it does not work.

How can I use VIVE Wave SDK functions to modify this shader and run stereoscopic skybox? Or is there a different way?

Thank you.

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Trying to install "Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit" from Asset Store (to learn how to use right/left cam target in shader), but this plugin gives following errors:

VR is not enabled... (but IS enabled)

Current VR device is unsupported (but "We also provide multiplatform support, currently supporting Vive, Vive Focus and Oculus Rift")


Unity 5.6.3f1, Vive Focus


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Wave SDK (version 3.0.2) installed, running O.K.

Unity stereo skybox not working... Stereoscopic skybox shader need to be changed, but how?



There is WVR_Eye_Right and WVR_Eye_Left variable, but how to use it correctly? Is it at all compatible with this: UNITY_SETUP_STEREO_EYE_INDEX_POST_VERTEX(i)?


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