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[UE4] App crashes Vive Focus on shipping build

VR Monkey

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I'm porting a game for the Vive Wave platform. I can run it normally with a debug build, but when I try to run a shipping build the system hangs on the wave logo screen, the screen itself dims a bit and my only option is to manually reset the device.


I previously ported another game with no issues, using the same versions of both the plgin and UE4. What could be causing this?


Thanks in advance

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Hi , 

I still haven't solved the problem. I tried copying project settings from the previous project and building packages with different scenes, it always has the same result.

Does the final package need to be a "shipment" package, as built by UE4, or is that unnecessary?

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Hey VR Monkey,

So if you are attempting to make a shipping build, I would make sure 'Full Rebuild' is enabled. This will increase iteration times a bit, but will make sure everything that needs to be in your project is packaged as if it were ready to be delivered as a final product.

When you are ready to distribute your project, be sure to enable 'For Distribution' in your Packaging project settings within Unreal.

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Do you have any crash logs and/or information to figure out why the crash could be occurring?

Your first step should be to identify when your project wasn't crashing, and then diff between that build and the settings and other factors you have changed since then that could be making it crash. In my personal experience, the crashes we get on Vive Focus typically are due to a rendering checkbox.

Be sure you don't have Mobile Multi View on as that causes a crash I am pretty sure. Aside from that your only hope here is to rely on the Epic games bug reporting process to report this crash, and hope that someone at HTC can give you more insight. Best of luck!

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