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Vive Wireless app - Any way to download previous versions


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Hi, I have a perfectly working Vive Pro and Wireless Adapter on my system. The app has an update notification but I haven't bothered to update as it may break an already perfectly working set up. With so many people reporting issues, I'm hesitating to touch that update button :)


I recently showcased my Vive Pro and Wireless Adapter to my friend who was interested in investing in VR set up, but he's aware of Wireless Adapter issues depeding on so many system variables. So we decided to plug in my Vive Pro and Wireless Adapter to his system to see how it performs. His system is similar to mine - same mobo and GPU but a better CPU. Mine is 7820X and his is 7900X. We downloaded the new version of wireless app during set up, and in turn it updated my Wireless Adapter firmware. I was surprised that the performance was really bad on his system. For the first time I saw the pixelated and jittery image that people were talking about here. Some quick troubleshooting didn't fix anything and he eventually cancelled his plan for VR set up.


However, I was very nervous that with an updated firmware how is it gonna perform back in my system. So I rushed and plugged it in my set up and noticed that my wireless app downgraded the firmware back to previous version lol. And I was hugely relieved to see that everything is working as before.


Now my dilemma is I can't figure out whether it's the new wireless app version that casued this issue, or his system has some limitations like so many people here asking for help. There's no way to download a previous version of wireless app to conclusively rule the app out. Also, I'm hesitating to update my app coz there will be no going back if I encounter issues like him. And if I have to reinstall Windows at some point? Yah I have to download the new app version so I gotta figure it out now.


Is there a way to download the wireless app version that was on website on Oct 12, as that's the date I downloaded mine and never updated it since.

Thanks :)


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Hi Steve,

I don't think there's a way to rollback. It would end up causing more problems then it's worth in the end if anyone could do that. If you really really wanted to, I guess you could collect the various installers and host them or store them for your own use.

I wouldn't recommend that though.


-John C

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So just a quick update. I went ahead and updated my Vive Wireless Adapter and firmware after backing up the original one just in case. Everything is as smooth as before. No issues whatsoever. Looks like something is limiting my friend's system. Drivers and firmware are not the reason for image pixelation.

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