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Interrupted play session


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Good to hear. I've personally gone through a bad GPU situation before and it was so frustrating until I realized that was the problem. EVGA are usually pretty good at getting it fixed/replaced too.

Let me know what you find out when you get it up and running again.


-John C

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I received my replacemeng RTX 2080 and so far, everything is back to "normal" again.


It can definitely be frustrating trying to troubleshoot thsi type of thing as everything was fine until it wasn't and with several parts of the system being updated regularly and symptoms that can be caused by more than one issue, while looking exactly the same, it becomes even more difficult.


I suppose I wasn't thinking the GPU could fail like that after a few weeks of no trouble. I assumed it would be problematic from the beginning if it was defective and as it's not overclocked at all, wasn't expecting it to go bad.


In any case, it seems this has resolved my problems with video freezing and I'm back to enjoying VR again.



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