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Theatre VR piece - New Template


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Hey everyone,

We created a theatre show where we 3D recorded performers using the kinect V2 sensor in a box where we aligned the physical and digtal walls for better immersion.

Here's a short video of the project: 

Here's a little review: http://opusindependents.com/2016/10/epiphany-vr-new-template-review/

I'd like to get it on steam I think! Let me know your thoughts.
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Imagine me coughing subtly here... well it just so happens we have a publishing platform right here on Viveport! Send me a PM (click my name / click Send Message on my profile) and I'll happily put you in touch with the right people.


Watching the video, it looks like a fascinating piece! I love the blending of the virtual and the real. Are there actors 'in the box', , or were they pre-recorded?

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