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flickering in right eye


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Ive been having an issue with my headset for sometime now. the right eye in my vive headset keeps flickering and only for a split second. Ive checked the community froums to see if there was a fix to this problem and they did have a few fixes that ive tried. from changing out the three-in-one cables to changing out the hdmi cable from my linkbox to my desktop and still nothing. i want as far as getting a new linkbox and still nothing. so then the post said it could also be a software issue. in the post it said to enable developer mode and still i get flickering. i only had the vive for a good month befor i started having this issue.


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It's probably not a software issue based on what you've described. Likely, there's something lose inside the HMD itself that needs to be reconnected or resoldered. You already replaced the cables which is my first steps for any display issue so I'd go to RMA next. www.vive.com/us/support/contactus and use the Live Chat option.

Thank you,

-John C

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