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Vive Wireless Adapter and desktop application feedback


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While being wireless is pretty awesome, the additional steps and quirks are not. I have a few suggestions and some feedback.

  1. Enable the application to be run as a service, in the background, a tray icon could display connection status and open the window.
  2. Add an application name for the task bar where it now only has an icon, no title.
  3. Minimize to tray, as mentioned it doesn't have a name anyway, so why not put the icon in the tray.
  4. Avoid disconnecting the Vive when restarting SteamVR, it screws with my audio.

#1 On the topic of running the application always, it only takes ~0.3% CPU for me while scanning, that is a sacrifice I can accept as the only performance sensitive thing I do on this PC is VR in the first place. I would love for it to just automatically connect when I turn the adapter on, with no need to have an app on my desktop for that connection to happen.


#4 Regarding the disconnection of the Vive on SteamVR closure, I've used USBDeview which comes with SteamVR, and the Vive is completely disconnected, the USB bridge seems to get terminated as all five (that I could see) USB devices are dropped and then immediately reconnected. Is there a good reason for this to happen?


Otherwise, wireless is neat, I quite enjoy it even if I have a few tracking glitches occasionally, but that might be due to the glass door on my new PC. I will cover that up.

As for future iterations though, definitely try having it work like wireless audio headsets can do, where the device presence is in the adapter that's always connected to the PC so it will act as if the device exists even if it's not even turned on. Then turning it on will just connect the various wireless bridges of communication transparently between the headset and adapter.


That's it, thanks for reading!



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I came to these forums today to search and see if any of these topics regarding the Vive Wireless application had been addressed, and this post expresses exactly the thoughts I myself wanted to express. I haven't noticed the disconnection on SteamVR Restart yet, but I haven't had my Vive for very long either.

I hope HTC reads and implements each of the changes outlined in the original post.

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