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Vive customer service


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I got my Vive this past christmas, only for it to have the flashing red light of death telling you the motor broke after only 3 weeks. So of course I tried using the live chat only for it to say it was down. I decided to try again the next two days and it was still down, so i finally sent an email only to get a responce a week later. after I then responded to them (giving them the serial numbers of both the headset and the base station) they didn't responded back I tried to email again and nothing, it went on like that for 2 more weeks. Just today I finially got response and they booked a ticket to repair it. However, for a $500 device (or $130 for just the base station) this is unacceptable. Hopefully they can get it repaired however at this point I am not hopeful and I honestly hope anyone who is thinking about buying a Vive sees this and realises that you risk of buying a product that you may only get to use once.

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