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USB tab in steam Vr settings only detecting bluetooth


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alright i have a bit of an odd problem so im going to try and be as specific as possible about my system and the specific symptoms im having with my software.


AMD Ryzen threadripper 1950x

ASUS ROG zenith extreme MB

Windows 10 OS

32 GB corsair vengeance DDR4 RAM

Nvidia GTX 2080TI gpu 

dual monitors using DP cables.

my HTC vive pro link box is using a usb 3 to type C adapter for its link box connection and plugged into a DP port directly on my GPu as  recommended

Camera function for the vive works (mostly... ill get to that)

i have no problems relating to component overheating and no immediately visible driver conflicts. i have no issues with crashing in the VR system of any kind aside from one instance where two programs opened side by side and the VR application froze but the system itself did not crash.


now the problem im having.. when i first recieved my headset i tried plugging it into a SS USB 3 and the camera was not even recognized by my computer but the VR worked. the headset could ocmmunicate properly with the computer and despite the camera problem everything seemed to function normally. i have since fixed this by using a different USB port.


after the camera issue was fixed i noticed in the USB tab inb steamvr settings im greeted by this screen

ive also found i cant change the camera rate on my headset. its stuck around 40 hz. i can move the slider bar but when it restarts vr to make the changes it reverts back no matter what i do. and i cant even be sure im not experiencing adverse effects from this oddity in the USB tab because it hasnt worked right since its got here. its always only detected bluetooth and nothing else.


ive tried reinstalling USB devices directly through Steam VR. ive tried forcing firmware updates. ive searched for individual drivers and it saysd theyve been downloaded but they wont show up in the system. ive moved USB ports on my computer 6 times and even unplugged other devices to allow my driver controller software to catch up to the devices in the vive and nothing will make it detect anything other than bluetooth in this tab.

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thats the problem i cant tell if its working normally or not. it hasnt functioned "properly" in regards to this tab since i recieved the headset. its even more confusing that the headset does work, and i can use the VR system and my applications short of changing the camera rate. 


i truly just dont know if theres a problem im unaware of because i dont have a way to compare it to a fully working version. ill try the program you just linked me and get back to you

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Started out great fun to play. About a week and a half past the return date the vive stopped working. We did all the trouble shooting on steam and htc's sites nothing helped. Contacted HTC Tec support they gave a few others to try but they didn't work. Sent the head set in for repair. HTC is telling me to pay $270.00 for the repair. they say its water damaged. How can you make something that gets strapped to your body (head) and not make it water (sweat) proof. I own watches and phones that are water proof. And for the head set not to be is a manufacturer flaw. Also HTC changed the wording of their warrantee from does not cover water damage other than perspiration to does not cover water damage. So now I'll have to contact a lawyer , BBB and consumer protection agency

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