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[WaveSDK2.1.8] Not able to apply changes to Controller like Beam/Track Position


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Hey guys,

this is my first post on this board and it's been a while since i last posted a problem on a board, so please be gentle if i accidently leave out some relevant information.


I am developing with Unity2018.3.0f2 on a Win10 machine and currently working with the WaveSDK2.1.8 and the Vive Wave-HMD. Sometimes i build directly on the device, sometimes i use the Unity-Play when the device is not connected.


My first issue is that i do not know, where to apply changes to the Controller. I want to change the beam parameters like color, length, etc and played around with some scripts: WaveVR_Beam.cs; WaveVR_ControllerLoader.cs; InputModuleManager game object

When i start the application i am able to the make changes to the generic model but, of course, they do not persist. I did some debugging and found out that even though i unticked all "Use System Config", it does load the default settings. Do you know which handles i have to pull to make the changes? Or, when it is not possible to make changes only for the application, how to edit the System configs?


Second issue is quite similar: Because i use the provided HTC 3DoF controller, i would like to fix the Controller position. In the ControllerLoader game object, i have unticked "Track Position" (part of WaveVR_ControllerLoader.cs) but then the controller is somewhere in the floor. Again, when i change the position of the generic Controller, it stays there but i dont know how to make persistent changes.


Let me know, what information you still need.

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Solved it myself:

You have to deactivate the Controller Loader and insert the Generic_MC_L or Generic_MC_R prefab from the folder Assets/WaveVR/Extra/GenericModel/Resources/Controller

Insert it right where you deactivated the Controller Loader and make changes to the prefab, which will persist on runtime. I guess i just misinterpreted the ControllerLoader, because its instances where certainly not editable if they just got instanced after start. I hope this helps you...

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