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Judder issues with the Vive Focus


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Over the past week, I've been experimenting with the Vive Focus.


I've been experimenting with various versions of our app. I've stripped the app down to its most essential elements.


However, I face a significant problem which I cannot solve. There appears to be a significant judder when I pan my head from side to side if I try to attempt anything of significant complexity within a scene.


I suspect this may be related to the way the software is trying to compensate for the lens distortion. I say this because when there is no judder I see a smooth sort of lens distortion for similar but less complex objects when I pan my head around.


I have tested various versions of various scenes, and I’m now at the point where I’ve eliminated everything from the scene except one model, and I’m now testing each iteration with one model only and the skybox.


Using the profiler I see nothing unusual and everything is well within the suggested limits outlined in the case study provided by 2 Bears Studio on every scene I experiment with. I do not appear to be GPU or CPU bound. On the PC the profiler shows 1000 FPS. When attached and running on the Vive Focus I'll also get 100 FPS when viewing a scene with a complex and animated object, and 1000 FPS with a stock Unity 3D model such as a cube or a sphere.


Simple, unanimated 3D objects such as the default Unity 3D models seem to work well.


If I try to deploy more complex objects which show on Unity's game view to be anywhere from 5k to 10k tris, I begin to experience judder if I pan my head from side to side.


If I am connected to the PC trying while the profiler is on the judder appears to be worse.


Animating an object makes the judder worse.


Moving my head faster as I pan from side to side makes the judder worse.


If I am not connected to the PC and viewing simpler objects such as plain, vanilla, stock Unity 3D objects, which are not animated, the judder seems to disappear.


Any ideas?


Here are the specifications of the various software tools I'm using:


Developer Kit Vive Focus Updated to 1.92.1400.2

Wave SDK Version is 2.1.8

Unity Version 2018.1.9f1 Personal

Vive Input Utility v.1.10.2

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