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vive wireless SLI not working for all games (headset plugged into wrong videocard)


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The are many games that will not launch into Headset but will launch on desktop... I think it's related to SLI setup.  In wired mode, my dual GTX 970(s) SLI run perfectly fine w/susamp 1.6+.  But, I get the dreaded headset plugged into wrong videocard for vive wireless.  To List a few games. DOOM VFR, The Solus project, Star Trek Br Crew, Valkrie Blade, Trickster, etc... list goes on.    


This seems like a very simple fix in the detection software.  Is VIVE going to fix this?  People with somewhat older machines rely on SLI.  And yes I tried every cofiguration, latest drivers, disable SLI, only on with physics, removing SLI link strap etc... Same problem.   Seems you need to physically remove the other card from the machine.  But, then your performace suffers.   This is not a solution!  


We paid a lot of money for the wireless adapter and I am disappointed.


Vive Developers whats your answer to this?

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The internal GPU is disabled on this system, there is only one monitor.  However this is important to everyone else out there!   I did get it to work by not using the primary video card.  I plugged my display port cable into the second card on my system.  There is a bug in the vive software that is not checking all the ports from all the video cards.  At a minimum we should be able to tell vive which video card is the primary.    This is not a 100% solution because when I boot my PC I can not get a display of the bios loading,etc.. Only until windows 10 identifies the second card and starts using it.   I can live with that for now.  But, vive should fix this, SLI... Is not going away... the new SLI bridges they are creating will allow more benefit and bandwidth.  

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I assume you plugged in the DP cable becasue you wanted to use Bluetooth function. I remember i have seen similar bug in reddit before. You may check page 24 and the manual tells you to ensure not to connect the DP cable when go wireless. Hope this helps. 




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I am only using using the setup for the wireless and only one cable is attached in the back of video cards. So no other cables, just one for Monitor/TV. Moving to second got around the VIVE software bug. The VIVE software is not properly identifying the Monitor/TV display port from all ports on all the cards, or miss identifying the main card connection as the VIVE disport for the non-wireless. This still needs to be addressed and should be a fairly simple fix.

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SLI isn't going away, but so far, VR devs haven't been enthusiastic about it (nor has anyone else, really.) There are maybe a handful of VR games that actually support it at this point across all platforms. I think the issue was that at the time of launch  (2016ish) SLI/Xfire wasn't supported for VR at all and so developers just put that idea aside and focused on what they could do. with VRworks and other software slowly trickling out, some devs tested it out. 

One thing that's worth considering: only a few years ago, there were around 300k SLI/Xfire users globally. That's a very small number in the multi billion dollar PC gaming industry. I doubt that number has risen significantly in the past few years. So yes, SLI isn't going away, but it's still very, very niche. (There are far more VR headsets in the wild than dual GPU set ups.)

I hope you found this informative.

Thank you,

-John C

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