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Vive Pro HMD with wireless adapter: lenses flash white 3 times, red light on left side.


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Yesterday, while playing Elite Dangerous (for the first time), the application froze and the right eye started flashing white on half the lens. I figured a reboot might resolve it. After restarting the computer - and SteamVR saying the headset/controllers/base stations were tracking, drivers up to date, etc - the lenses are black, but flash white 3 times, and go black again and the led on left side of the HMD is red, unless it goes into standby. There is no error code. I’ve tried:

- re-plugging in cables

- removing the wireless adapter

- rebooting windows

- restarting Steam

- uninstalling/reinstalling USB drivers

- uninstalling/reinstalling SteamVR

- uninstalling/reinstalling Steam entirely


No luck. If I let the headset sit, it does go into standby mode and the LED turns green. Once I pick it up again, the LED turns red and the flashing resumes. If I but the HMD on, in the flash I can see the content that should be displaying, but only for the duration of the flash. If I turn on screen mirroring, I can see the system is perfectly tracking the controllers and HMD. I also noticed, under SteamVR settings, the only device detected is the Bluetooth device. Everything else is gray.


-Windows 10, full updates.

-GTX1070, patched to current drivers.

- Vive Pro, including the 2.0 controllers and lighthouses.

- Wireless adaptor

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