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Vive Pro HMD with wireless adapter: lenses flash white 3 times, red light on left side.


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Yesterday, while playing Elite Dangerous (for the first time), the application froze and the right eye started flashing white on half the lens. I figured a reboot might resolve it. After restarting the computer - and SteamVR saying the headset/controllers/base stations were tracking, drivers up to date, etc - the lenses are black, but flash white 3 times, and go black again and the led on left side of the HMD is red, unless it goes into standby. There is no error code. I’ve tried:

- re-plugging in cables

- removing the wireless adapter

- rebooting windows

- restarting Steam

- uninstalling/reinstalling USB drivers

- uninstalling/reinstalling SteamVR

- uninstalling/reinstalling Steam entirely


No luck. If I let the headset sit, it does go into standby mode and the LED turns green. Once I pick it up again, the LED turns red and the flashing resumes. If I but the HMD on, in the flash I can see the content that should be displaying, but only for the duration of the flash. If I turn on screen mirroring, I can see the system is perfectly tracking the controllers and HMD. I also noticed, under SteamVR settings, the only device detected is the Bluetooth device. Everything else is gray.


-Windows 10, full updates.

-GTX1070, patched to current drivers.

- Vive Pro, including the 2.0 controllers and lighthouses.

- Wireless adaptor

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Having this exact same issue with my Vive Pro HMD as of a few days ago -- flashing white 3 times in the right lens. LED on the side also flashes green at the same time. Tried the same troubleshooting steps without any luck. Did you ever get this resolved? Thanks!

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