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Feature Request - HTC Wireless GPU Selector Option (NON-SLI)


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There are many users like myself that have computersand latops that have multple GPUs that do not support SLI but do support PhysX and run VR. Currently the only way I can run SteamVR with my setup is to Disable my PhysX card when I want to run SteamVR or SteamVR tries to use that card for the Vive Wireless card.


This is not an issue with SteamVR. This is because the Vive Wireless card is choosing the PhysX card as the card it wants to use every simgle time, not matter what slot I plug the cards into, or what order that lod in the system.


I need to be able to tell the WiGig card EXACLTY which card to use in a congif file or with an option switch.


Having to disable the card everytime I want to run VR is not an accepptable long term sollution. Adding a simple graphical option will help thousands of gamers with similar issues like mine and make VR a much easier setup for future users.

Thank you,


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