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360 virtual camera for experiences and games


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Hi, I am looking for a virtual video camera to deploy in HTC Vive, that will record the environment like a 360 VR camera.


Plenty options seem to be available to capture the Vive user's POV, and options like VRCapture allow you to output a side-by-side recording to share, but to truly immerse the viewer in the recording it would be great to capture an equirectangular version. (Of course, the viewer would still be locked to the Vive user's original direction of travel but this means head-tracking would not be required).


The massive benefit of capturing 360 VR inside a virtual environment would be no physical artefacrts left behind from a virtual rig (shadows, the hardware or cameraman, etc.).


Does anyone know if such a virtual rig exists, or is being worked on?

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Hi. Steam games and experiences (Unity).


Specifically I am looking at TiltBrush and want to record creating a 3D work of art standing amidst what I am painting and then allow others to watch it back whilst within the VR environment, so they can look around rather than being locked to my view.

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If you're working on something in-engine that's one thing; if you're working with a compiled binary it's a totally different thing. Tiltbrush is an exception case because it has a Unity SDK but can nativley export EQ.


Tiltbrush actually has a built in 360 renderer that you can pull EQ from directly from the binary; you can read about it in the release notes.


You can also bring in the finalized Tiltbrush sketch into Unity and use the Tiltbrush SDK to achieve your desired programmatic effects and then use Unity's 360 tools for output; there are also a number of 3rd party EQ render flows. This is where you're going to have the greatest degree of control and artistic freedom. 


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