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At $1300 EACH for a Business headset, your sales team cant reply to an inqury?


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I have sent SEVERAL inquries though your website. I'm interested in Vive for Business for my Family Entertainment Centers VR playroom 2-4 setups. It's now been an entire MONTH since my first inqury. I only wanted you to answer a few simple questions before I decide to buy a headset. The people with Occulus had no problem getting back to me, I guess customer service is a higher priority to them. Not having a single phone number to call is very poor taste for someone who wishes to sell to businesses. You also offer a $60/mo Memebership thats supposed to get "prefered" treatment, or is that just what it costs to get a phone number to contact you. It's sad I had to rule HTC out as a possibility simply because they don't respond. And I'm supposed to belive I would recive any better service after you got my money? If you can't TALK to a potential customer about the VERY EXPENSIVe equipment you wish to sell them, you don't deserve one period.

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, A couple of notes on this one:

  • Which channel did you contact with questions; in your case NA_Vive_Enterprise@htc.com would have been the correct alias for that sales team via https://enterprise.vive.com/us/contact_us/
  • We do not offer a $60/monthly membership as you described. Advantage plans have fixed 2 year terms at a price point that differs from the one you described (they cost less than $60*24months). The primary use case of advantage plans are expedited return/repair/swap-out of the physical HMD itself. This is not offered by any other HMD company and is of extra  interest to a high-volume operator such as an arcade or family fun center.
  • Email-based support provides a timestamped text log of all interactions and can be used as the basis for facilitating telephone support.
  • Enterprise customers have dedicated support via support.enterprise@htc.com

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1st. Thats is the EXACT email I used to contact Vive 4-5 times over the past 3 weeks. I recived 3 automated respoces saying someone would contact me shortly. But no one has.


2nd. The Memebership I mentioned is the Vive Business Membership advertised on your website here liftforward.com/vive/store/vivemembership


simply descibed this way:

The simple way to get the VIVE Business Edition VR system.

  • Just $59.99 per month*
  • Get a new VIVE Business Edition every year
  • Dedicated Business Edition customer support

Now, the first e-mail I sent, was asking about the Vive for Business and The Business Membership and how the differ from the Vive Enterprise Edition and Advantage plans. I have, though research with other found the difference on my own

Next: You make the claim that you are the only ones who offer HMD replecement, but the poeple at Occulus HAVE replied to my questions. And to be clear the Occulus for Business, sold for $800 includes a 1 year commercial waranty that promises to replace my HMD if it where to break from use during that year.  I will admit your Vive for Business makes a very simalar claim to repair or fix it for a full year. Now, that "Membership" mentioned above claimes to offer me "Dedicated Business Edition customer support", I'm hoping this at least involves a number I can call, but of course, I never got any detailes on how this membership works. It also says I "Get a new VIVE Business Edition every year", this part of the offer is interesting to me, for a $1200-1300 system to get a new on every year would seem a nice thing to offer for a "membership" that costs $750+/yr., again, I would need more details on this offer, do I get to keep my old headset as well, and can I continue to operate it under comercial license? 

Lastly the price, as I try to make sense of all these various "products" you offer from Buisness, to Consumer, Yo Enterprise, Memberships, Advantage plans, I struglle still to see any value in any of it when I could simply buy a brand new Rift every year, and still be less money out of pocket, and still have a continous HMD replacement waranty. 

And since this is the ONLY way I was able to talk to ANYONE with Vive, I also struggle to see how you could provide any better service than the people who seel the Rift.

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