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Lighthouses cycling between standby and powered on during play.


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Since I've tried to send an email about this issue roughly seven thousand times now, but every time I get a parse error, figured I'd post it here and see if a staff member gets back to me.


I was playing my Vive earlier today when the base stations started to cycle between standby and powered up modes every few seconds  Video of said cycling here. I have updated the firmware, which caused them to not work at all, so I had to do the calibration reset trick found here. This caused the lighthouses to come back on, but with the same cycling issue. I have since tried literally every fix I could find on the internet and nothing is fixing the issue. This was not an issue just a week ago when I would play for a few hours a day with no problems whatsoever. I just want to RMA them so I can get them fixed or replaced. I will be straight forward. I understand that you might have to go through the motions, but since I have tried pretty much everything, if you reply and tell me to do something I've already tried, I'm not going to do it. I'm just going to tell you I did...because I did. So that will just be a waste of time. Thanks for your time.

Also open to suggestions from non staff members who might have had the same issue, but have since fixed it.

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