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Mini Display to Mini Display Issue


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Hi there, sorry to find my way here again.

I'm currently using a laptop with a single HDMI port that I would like to use for my second monitor. The laptop also has a Mini-Display port, and a Type-C USB port. I have tried using a Type-C to HDMI cable, going from the laptop's Type-C to the Link Box's HDMI, but that did not show any results.

I did get some results when I went from the laptop's Mini Display port to the Link Box's Mini Display port! It works perfectly, for about 30 seconds, and then all vision cuts out. The LED on the headset is still showing green, and everything on SteamVR is showing green. I can still hear the audio from SteamVR Home, so I know that the cord is still properly connected.

Any idea what's going wrong here?

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What's the specific model number of the laptop?


First off, I would always suggest plugging a Vive into a native port. VR displays have different signaling requirements than standard displays and adapters or converters typically don't work well or increase your likelihood of hitting a troubleshooting snag. USB-C is extra tricky because there is no industry standard way to integrate a USC-C port into a laptop with a GPU and some OEMs simpy don't connect their USB-C ports to the dGPU and instead only allow them to be powered via the integrated GPU.


Have you tried the external display on the mDP and the Vive on the laptop's native HDMI?


What type of mDP cable are you using? DP is a crazy loose standard since it's meant for high-speed 4K and really is only designed to support cables 3-6 feet long. Generally speaking, we recommend the cable support 4K video at least 20Gbps, but that bandwidth can be lower for Vive as opposed to Vive Pro. 

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The model of the laptop is an MSI GE 73.

The vive has worked perfectly fine with HDMI-to-HDMI, and I have since reverted back to that after finding a work-around to use the monitor. The monitor does not have a mDP port because it's somewhat old and cheap. However, I found a mDP-to-HDMI cord among my closet jungle, that did not work with the Vive, but did work with the monitor.

The mDP cable is very nondescript. 3ft short, black, and not bearing any logo or branding. I do know that the cord works, however, as it was being used for (and was possibly supplied by) a Wacom graphics tablet, and likewise audio was being transfered from the Link Box. 

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