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black screen


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i just got the htv vive and i took it out of the box pluged it in my computer and at first it was showing my computer background. then i downloaded steamvr and let it download as i watched youtube. when it finished downloading i noticed the headset was black. now when ever i try to get the headset to work it just flashes yellow for half a second and then nothing. ive tried evreything on the internet 


unplugging cables and plugging them back in 

trying to plug in the hdmi/usb cable right in the computer instead of the link box

downloading new usb/ gpu drivers for the computer.

the only thing i have not tried is redownloading steamvr buttt i tried to plug in the vive into my laptop and it sayed black so i dont think it is steamvr



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, The Radeon HD 7990 was released in 2013 - it's a 6 year old GPU that was mid-range when it came out but predates the line of GPUs that VR was designed to run off of by at least 3 years. The resources I'm reading say it was designed to directly compete with the Nvidia GTX 600 line. Here is a spec comparison between that card and the Radeon R9 290 which is the min requirement for Vive when running AMD. 


Based off this, I am led to agree with whomever told you that your GPU was below min requirement as that appears to be the case. VR is pretty demanding and I can't think of any 6 year old GPU that is compatible with VR. 

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Is SteamVR displaying an error 108/208? That would be the expected behavior with this GPU. The first time when you were able to see windows displayed via the HMD was because Windows was treating the Vive's displays as an extended Display rather than a direct display.


All of that said, I wouldn't anticipate any modern games to work well with the GPU. Besides lacking raw power and compute speed, that GPU would be missing some critical shader support and other operations. If you were able to get the HMD to initialize, most apps simply would demand more resources than this GPU would be able to provide. 


If you would like to upgrade to make use of the HMD, I would recommend looking at the GTX2060. It's extremely powerful for the price point and you'd see a huge boost in standard flatscreen gaming. 

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all games work really amazing with the 7990 that come out today. i can run max settings with it and get over 100 fps in games so i dont understand why it would not be suported. it is a powerfull gpu that still has a lot of life left in it.   its not any ordanary gpu this gpu is like having 2 gpus that only take up one slot 



If i can run any new game that comes out on max settings on it and get over 100 fps on it then it should be able to run vr 


also i did the suport again today and they said nothing about the gpu i told them it was a 7990 and he just said its prob the hdmi to mini adapter im using     

atm im getting a mini to mini cable from amazon hoping that fixed the prob 

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Unfortunately, the 7990 falls well below spec for VR. Take a look at this benchmark with the 7990 compared to our minimum requirements: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare/Radeon-HD-7990-vs-GeForce-GTX-1060-vs-Radeon-RX-480/2528vs3548vs3533

As far as Crossfire goes, it is possible to Xfire two 7990s together, but both of those cards run extremely hot and air cooling won't be enough for both of them in any standard-sized chassis. In theory, you'd need Crimson to get the LiquidVR performance to actually make use of Xfire in VR. However, most games don't support it and developers are moving away from SLI/Xfire support because A) it's really niche and B) it doesn't work as well as a single better card.


-John C

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