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HTC Base Station Blinking Red Error 10010 (fault 03) (or 10003?)


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Currently my base stations will not sync up with one another.  Both station are updated. One of them seems normal with a green light. The second one has a blinking read light. The error code is 10003. I have not found anything that is able to fix my problem and was hoping someone knew what I should do.

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RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization. It's the agreement which authorizes you to send in equipment back to us or one of our authorized service providers. 


You'd want to collect the serial number off of the back of the affected unit and go to www.vive.com/support -> "contact us" -> "contact us". This will connect you with a live agent from your region who can set up an RMA if required. Base stations typically need to be serviced at a repair center as they have pretty specialized mechancis. 

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