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Vive Controller Keyboard Mapping?


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Hi again,


The mad science continues. I need to map inputs for the Vive Controllers to keyboard keys (or really any other perripheral besides the controllers themselves), but haven't been able to figure out how to do this through the SteamVR Controller Binding settings. I have also seen that OpenVR Input Emulator (OVRIE) had this feature at some point in time, but is no longer availible. 


Is keyboard bindings for the native SteamVR Controller Bindings a planned but not yet implimented feature? How would that be so if a third party program had it figured out apparently in early 2018? Are there any current workarounds?


This seems like it shouldn't be as hard as it's proving to be...

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OVRIE is undoubtedly your best bet - it's been pretty broken since SteamVR 1.2.x though.


I can't comment on the bindings question as that's a question to pose to Valve as that deals with SteamVR's core systems. That said, the purpose of the binding system is primarily to bind legacy motion controllers. It does have support for the Xbox 360 controller but that's because Xbox 360 is an standardized input device for VR titles (primarily due to Oculus). 


The real reason this isn't something that's easy to acomplish via openVR is that devs may already have valid input already mapped to the keyboard and adding binding may lead to conflicts. 


You could try to emulate an Xbox 360 controller and then use the binding support for that controller to accomplish what you need. Overall though, I wouldn't focus too much on this unless OOVRIE or a similar tool can reenable this. 

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