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Vive Pro Wireless USB Descriptor failed


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Wireless is working but headset is brick. It appears that a USB driver is missing or failed. I have no idea how to fix this. Windows can't repair it. I deleted it from my device manager list but when I reboot it comes back. Windows says it is a code 43 error. Vive sends me to a 108 error page, which is of no help. Vive system report reads, No Diver. Suggestions?

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Yes. wired connection works fine. I have also unplugged and plugged back the cables  on headset, many times, rebooted, etc. I have been Viver for 2 years, updated to pro with no problems. Wireless installed properly but worked for one week. I have been working on this for 3 weeks, with no results. I may be wrong but the only thing I can find wrong is the UNKNOWN USB that keep cropping up in my WIndows system. WIndows can neither identify it or repair it. I have deleted it many times but it keeps returning. I rebooted Vive wireless and watched it pop right back up after the reboot. Also, Vive system report is reproting NO DRIVER. I uninstalled Vive wireless app and got the same thing when I re-installed it. I also borrowed a seperate Vive wireless and swithced it out with mine to make sure there was no problem there. Same thing happened.

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