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Steam VR Home dashboard always behind me


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I have a standing/ room scale setup on my Vive.

When I launch a game directly, it opens and the launch screen shows pretty close to where my monitor is in real space, which is "forward" when I use VR.

Every time I enter the VR Home (which puts you into the little room with white mickey mouse glove hands and dashboards on the wall), all of the content appears behind me and to the left.

If I subsequently launch a game from the Steam dashboard, the game's launch screen shows behind me, and as you can imagine, now "forward" is behind me in-game, just like the steam home.

I have re-run room setup several times.

I have covered glass & reflective surfaces.

I have cleaned and re-positioned the sensor units.

I was unable to locate any setting in Steam Home that let you change its orientation...

Has anyone else had this happen?

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Room setup is programmed to set the orientation of the room so that "forward" places you with the HMD's cable running down your back towards the PC rather than in front of you. You can flip the room via the "advanced" setup as mentioned above or use OpenVR Advanced Settings to redefine the orientation as you require it to be. Just bear in mind that this affects SteamVR globally so you need to figure out a system that meets most of your needs. 


The "dashboard" is a floating UI element that's tied to the direction you're pointing when you press the Steam button on the controller. 

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Thank you both for your help.

In the end I just ran the room setup again and used the advanced option.

I tried installing the OpenVR settings, however, after installing, while the 'advanced settings' option appears in my dashboard, but it does not open., it only highlights and makes a noise- nothing happens. I rebooted, uninstalled/reinstalled- no dice.

Also, the link to matzman666's github repo is to a 2-year-old version of the app,  it looks like the current OpenVR archive is here:


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