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an idea to make a future vive wireless without battery?

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I was reading things about Wireless power transfer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_power_transfer and with a battery you could only have a vive on for a short period of time but what if you could transfer power without a connection and stay connect. I was also reading this where they try to use sound to transfer power. https://ubeam.com/technology/  I dont know if it works but it might be a solution to a battery.

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VR will undoubtedly start to play with wireless power transfer but it's still an early technology that poses clear constraints so it's probably not something you'll see in an HMD for a while. That said, things are going to get pretty wacky in the next few years due to technologies like 5G. These technologies can dramatically reduce the power requirements of a device via offboard rendering and make things like wireless power transfer more realistic in a product by changing the design requirements. 

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