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HTC Vive headset over a month in repair


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It has been just over a month since the headset was sent in for repairs. According to tech support and the RMA team, the device was repaired about two weeks ago. The status in the HTC Repair Tracking page was updated to "Device Packing" around a week and a half ago.


I have been in contact numerous times with tech support and note that they have not once provided what was actually wrong with the headset, but I've decided to let it slide for now. Since the device has been in the "Device Packing" status I've been in contact with them from two to three times a week and they always provide the same information from the RMA team "They will investigate the case internally and we will do our best to provide that information in the next couple of days via email.". Not once have they contacted me via email and from the looks of all the other posts in this forum, this is how HTC handles repairs, by leaving customers without a device for very long periods of time. This is unacceptable from a company that priced this device at $800 when it came out.

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