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Vr display goes black and desktop freezes after installation of wireless adapter


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I have had my vive headset for at least 9 months now and it worked flawlessly for the entire time. I wanted to upgrade it a bit, and prevent myself from getting tangled in the cable so I purchased the wireless adapter last week. It arrived a few days ago, and as soon as I set it up and started playing it for extended periods of time the vr display turns blue, then switches to black as if the vr is disconnected, and then completely locks up my desktop, requiring a reboot in order to work again. The first time it happened it took awhile of gameplay, but now I cannot even sit in a game for a few minutes without everything freezing. I have never had this issue before using the wireless adapter, but even the lights on my keyboard freeze, so I'm not entirely sure what is not working properly. 


Edit: I just tried playing after setting up the wired connection again, and I have had no issues for the last hour. It must be something related to the wireless addition.



GTX 1080 Gpu

Ryxen 7 2700X Cpu

Gigabyte X470 Aorus ultra motherboard

32 gb ram

Corsair RM750X power supply

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