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Steam and Desktop buttons gone from dashboard.


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Hi. Just last night I've encountered a strange problem when using the system button dashboard from within VR. Of the three default round buttons near the bottom of the dashboard (Steam, Desktop, Settings), I suddenly have only the settings one remaining. Steam and Desktop have mysteriosly vanished, rendering me unable to browse steam or open games from within VR, and unable to check the desktop view. I can still launch games from outside the headset, but they fail to close correctly until I restart Steam VR entirely. It's rather awkward to deal with.


My first thought was to reinstall Steam VR, but I have hesitated due to not wanting to lose my home room setup (would this happen?). Verifying the cache claimed everything is accounted for. The "Enable VR Dashboard" option in the settings menu is checked.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Problem has mysteriously fixed itself two days later. Buttons have reapeared. Had of course already tried restarting PC more than once previously, so no idea what actually changed to fix it. Oh well.


Have a good day all.

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