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Vive Arm Tracking

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Im having some confusion about the controllers in regards to arm and hand tracking. I've seen people using Vive products on twitch.com as well as youtube while having full arm and hand motions tracked, sadly I cannot see what all they are wearing in real life. Does anyone have some insight into what they might be using so I can learn more about this product? I know they have the two controllers for sure, as well as the head piece for sure... Is more required for arm tracking, as well as hand movements? If so which product if from vive might they be using? I see the tracking equipment that can be purchased from Vive, but there is little to no actual details about each product.


Thanks in advance!

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Can you clarify what you mean? Hand tracking or individual finger tracking?

The vast majority of Vive users who are going "full body" are using two Vive controllers for hand/arms and three Vive trackers for their lower body. There are no 'finger tracking' products available on the market.

Thank you,

-John C

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