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I've had an HTC Vive since 2016 and have been enjoying the experience since it arrived. Around November 2018 I was about to use the vive, as per usual, when there was a blinking red light and in the steam vr software an "error 3," was displayed. this was slightly disconcerting but I was hoping it would be dealt with. I opened an RMA form and began talking back and fourth via email. After a few emails I was informed that the cost would not be covered under warranty even though under the EU law I am entitled to a 5 year warranty. Upon informing the support team of this they simply disregarded what I said and kept repeating  themselves in each email I sent not answering any of my questions. Eventually, after a month of emails, they sent me the HTC Vive warranty document. I read the document and found what I was trying to tell them "THIS WARRANTY IS DISTINCT FROM ANY STATUTORY RIGHTS UNDER ANY MANDATORY CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS APPLICABLE TO YOU," I followed to inform the support team that HTC's own warranty points this out. They simply replied with the same email "we can't replace the product," without answering any of my questions. I'm getting nowhere with emails so I was wondering if anyone on the forum could assist me as this product has been great for the period it has been working.  Regards, James

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