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Error 208 Help!!!!!


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Hi, sorry for bad English..:(


I have problem about #208 when I use wireless adaptor.


when I don't use wireless situation, everything works fine.

but, when I use wireless, number 208 error appear. 


on adaptor, it's light is green, and steam vr works fine. but on hmd led is red and nothing appear on hmd. 

even wireless circumstance doesn't use HDMI cable, sometimes get error message that "Check HDMI cable"


at first time when I installed vive wireless application, it works. 

but now it doesn't...


my place(such as lab) doesn't use internet just intranet. so I wonder this problem is about WIGIG or not...




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  • What is the status of the Vive wireless app. The boot process is launch Vive Wireless App, ensure it's "ready", and then launch SteamVR.
  • Do you still have your linkbox plugged into the PC? If you have the wired linkbox plugged in as the same time as the wireless adapter, it will prioritize the linkbox (if a video cable is plugged into it) and attempt to launch SteamVR in wired mode.


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Do you have an Intel or an AMD processor?

If it's an Intel processor, there may be some hope for you, though I can't help you with this problem.

If you have an AMD processor, I'm here to tell you it will never, ever, ever work. Ever. Your options are to refund your purchase with HTC, or hold onto the Vive Wireless and wait, and pray for an eventual fix.

It's been six months of waiting for me so far, and many, many others - so I do not recommend the waiting.

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