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Poor Sound Quality


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New Pro owner here (2 Days old), 'Upgraded' from a Rift, and enjoying the improvment in Visuals.


However the sound is Horrible, no bass at all. Elite Dangerous sounds like i am listerning via a couple of Baked Beans tin cans! Googling this has thrown up numerous issues, but all seem to be dating back to april-oct 2018. Has this issue been resolved? If so could someone point me in the direction of the fix? If not fixed, could someone also tell me as it REALLY is putting me off the Pro, and honestly it is that bad it is sending me back to installing the Rift again and taking off ebay.


Is the only fix to attatch a 3rd party DAC USB-C Amp and running a decent pair of headphones?


Sorry if you have read all this before, but save my Pro please from going back in the box, as the visuals are outstanding, but the audio is OMG BAD!!


Thank you


PS> Have updated all firmware 

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So 45 Views and no replies? So you all have perfect Audio from your £1100 Vive Pro then? Hmmm must be my headset, best return it then and get a Pimax.

Noone from Vive Tech support want to Chip in on this Post? No? Really? you are proud of the sound your £1100 product supplies then?


SHAME!! as the visuals are much better than the Rift, but.........!

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I'm also a new owner of a Vive Pro. Got it a week ago.

I was disappointed of the poor sound quality from the headphones as you.

The first thing I did was to disable the headphones and use my older Astro A50 headphones that have a very good sound quality (not HiFi, but good for games and its wireless).
Today I started searching a bit deeper to find a possible solution. I come over this post:


It made the sound a lot better. But still not as good as the Astro A50 headphones. Maybe some tweeking in those setting may help you?

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If you need a bit more bass go to your win10 sound settings control panel, select your Vive sound type, properties, enhancements, and check bass boost.  Seems to help mine and I’m happy with my Pro headphones.  Obviously never going to sound as good as a $2-300 gaming headset.

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