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Limitation of multiple headsets in LOS


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I have the following scenario:

  • A single room with 8 HTC Vive VR stations, all equipped with wireless hardware.
  • The room has several walls placed in such a way that a single PC with WiGig antenna can only see (LOS) a max of 3 wireless adapters.
  • However, due to the wall placement, it is possible for more than 3 wireless adapters can see each other at the same time (LOS).

So my question is, I am aware that a PC with WiGig antenna may only see a max of 3 wireless adapters and a wireless adapter may only see a max of 3 WiGig antennas. But... can more than three headsets see each other at the same time without causing interference?



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Headsets (HMDs) cannot "see" anything except for base stations in the sense of Lighthouse tracking. They contain passive sensors that detect IR light signals from base stations. You can have quite a few HMDs in the same space so long as they're not occluding each other from the base stations.

Your real limitation here is the wireless signals. You can only have three (one on each channel) in the same play space.

Thank you,

-John C

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Hi John,


The question is not about the relation between headsets and base stations, but the limitation of wireless adapters and PCIe antennas.


Both the wireless adapters and the PCIe antennas are submitting and receiving, so the question is how many wireless adapters are able to see each other without causing interference?


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