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How to -completely- wipe any trace of VIVE software from a system?


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this is related to my other post, but for other users - especially those interested in using the search function - this has a right to stand on its own I think.

The question is: how can we erase any last little bit of VIVE related software from a system?

Aka, do a complete purge, wiping

- Software
- Configs
- Settings
- Drivers

from all the drives so that quite literally nothing that can interfere with the VIVE will remain?

So far, we found a couple of ideas and official tips, but they were honestly all over the place.

We are aware of DDU (display driver uninstall tool) and of VALVE's recommendation to use USBDeview to disconnect / remove all former USB driver installations.

However, we always seem to forget a lot of relevant stuff - probably related to Windows 10 itself.

Can anyone help complete the list with us?

Thanks in advance,



There is another thread with a couple of superficial suggestions like uninstalling SteamVR, but the last sentence in that thread is nothing I want to repeat here, so I'm hoping not to create any redundancy.

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