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Brand new Vive pro User


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Hi guys tried posting this in the tech support section, but got a **bleep** stiff ignoring. I have just upgraded my Rift with a Vive pro, and whilst luvin the better clarity, the audio sucks BIG style.


I have tried googling this and i can loads of errors and reports back lat year, but nuffin recent (2019). So has this appalling audio been fixed? If so what is the fix as i have appalling audio, No **bleep** bass at all and tinny sounds.

I can't belive this horrible sound has been swept under the carpet, or have Vive just given up?


What are people doing to get half decent audio from their pro? I can't belive the answer is a **bleep** spring plastic clip that forces the ear pads down on your ears?


Some help me keep the Vive and not to go back to the rift which had beautiful sound. I want to experinece this gorgeous visuals, but unless i get a resolution for the extremely bad audio, it's going back in the box and back to ebuyer, and the rift will suffice until the Pimax becomes more avaialable.


Thank you, but please someone answer, even if it is to say 'We are all in the same boat'!!

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28 Views and no replies. Plus the 45 Views on the Tech support section, so thats 73 Views and no comment??


No input from Vive Tech Support? Seems to me i have bought a £1100 product that has 2 baked bean cans as for what Vive loosely call Headphones? 


Hmmm, thinking aloud i might be the only one with this issue as no one has bothered to reply. So back in the box then Vive and return as not fit for Purpose, shame as the Visuals are superior to the Rift, but i can't play games with such poor sound that its laughable.


https://pimaxvr.com/ here i come!

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