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Which version of Unity is best for new WaveVR SDK 3.0.2 March18_2019 ?


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As the title describes, Which version of Unity is best for new WaveVR SDK 3.0.2 March18_2019 ?

and please tell us how to use the new instant preview simulator in Unity. I have already updated the focus to the latest update but unity crashes when simulator is enabled.

You can explain that in the other thread below


How do I use the WaveVR simulator?



SDK 3.0.2 March 18_2019



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Thank you, I look forward to your reply and hope we get the instant preview working.


I just wanted to mention, that after updating the focus to the latest version it still says in about device that it is using SDK version 2.1.8 and not 3.0.2 but the device says it is on the actual version.

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Hi  ,


Please be noted we don't have enough resource to test our plugin with every Unity version since it's a huge effort and we also need to consider the backward compatible with previous SDK versions, hardware devices (Pico, iQiYi and other wave partners) and existing contents published on Viveport.

We'd like to share it's more stable on 5.6.3, 2017.4 and 2018.2 since we develop and stay longer time on these versions.

However, we're willing to resolve your issues on your preferred Unity version to enlarge our support scope.

Please send us the issues you meet with the logs so we plan to resolve it as much as we could.

Thanks for your understanding.

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