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HTC Vive Gen 1 Headset not communicating with Steam VR Correctly idk what the issue is but pls help!


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I have an MSI GL62M 7REX Gaming Laptop with a GTX1050Ti graphics card and an intel HD Graphics 630. My issue is that my HTC Vive Gen 1 Headset is not communicating with Steam VR like it did in the past. IDK if its a software issue or a hardware issue but my guess it might be a software issue because in the past it was a software issue and i fixed it by doing a couple of tweaks to the Nvidia control pannel settings. But now i tried that again and it didnt work this time. My pc can run VR but its one of the lower end ones on the VR spectrum but it can handle it. The Valve team couldnt help me so they directed me to you guys, "The Community" for support to my issue. I do belive a GTX1050Ti can handle VR because my bro told me it can and i have a friend who has a desktop with  a GTX 1050Ti also and he tells me he plays Killingfloor VR just fine. Also if you want all the info on what the issue is ill put it into this thread. But i do belive a GTX 1050Ti can handle VR but it might be a bit unstable though. I do have proof of me testing it out on my pc in the past. Ill put that in the description too. But if you guys can try to help me that would be great. If you guys would like to see my DxDiag file and my Steam VR System Report send me your email if you think you can fix my issue.

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