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Buying Vive Pro accessory kit


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I got a Vive pro hmd from a friend but it turns out I need the base stations and controllers to even use it seated/non room scale.

I want to buy just the 2 bases stations and controllers separate but even on Vives website, I can't do it. I can add the accessory kit to my cart, but it won't let me without also adding a HMD. Then when I go to delete the HMD because I already have one it also deletes the accessory kit. I want to give Vive $300 for the kit but I can't find anywhere online to buy the full kit. It's literally more expensive to buy each piece separate on Amazon than to buy a full original Vive kit. 


News from April of 2018 says it should be available but I can't find anything, any help would be much appreciated.



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