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anti-spam features of this forum are too strict - simple edits to a post result in removal


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I have been using this forum for about 2 months and I've noticed a quirk in the rules governing spam.


Making edits to previously published posts often results in the post being flagged as spam and removed. 


I believe a user of this forum should be allowed to edit their post as many times as possible.


This will improve communication between the participants of this forum.

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I'm not sure if our community manager has PM'ed you - I wanted to ensure this saw a response though. This has been on going topic of conversation with our current forum vendor.  We don't have alot of control of the spam system on our side and we must press our forum vendor. We're planning on hopefully migrating to a different platform in the near future as the current platform is too unwieldy to implement quick changes on our side.


Based off this post, we've again reached out the forum vendor to try and modify the settings to be less heavy handed. That said, hopefully we can just throw the baby out with the bathwater soon enough and start with a more flexible system at sometime soon. 

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