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Video pixelation with wireless Vive pro


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I've previously had Vive for a long time. Now I upgraded.


I got Vive pro with wireless set and it kind of works. Basic games, like fruit ninja, seem to work ok. But when trying "steam 360 video player" or "vive video" to play a VR video, I have serious problems. With vive video it plays it quite pixelated (but smoothly and with normal sound), but with "steam 360 video player" it is totally useless as it skips frames so much and sound is not continuous. The video on Windows screen is normal (the window that shows view from the headset).


To analyze the problem, I removed the wireless set and installed pro cable instead. The problem disappears totally. Crystal clear videos (considering vive pro resolution), as they should be at 3200x1600 resolution at 60 fps. The windows info on videofile tells about 28Mbps bitrate.


The wireless has 4 bars so good connection. As mentioned, it seems to work totally ok in games. Only the video playback applications have problems.


I'm a bit amazed what might be causing this? Any ideas? Thanks!

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