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SRWorks SDK not working


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I believe this question should really be posted in the appropriate developer forum but I'm unable to post there (read that a mod needs to allow it?).


I have been trying to run the SRWorks samples but am not able to. I've tried both the pre built Unity and Unreal versions. They both become unresponsive after a short delay then slowly use more and more memory until I force quit them (looking in task manager shows memory going up and up).


I've had a look at all the existing topics I can find and read through the docs. My SteamVR settings show the camera passing all tests with three green ticks. And my log generated by the pre built unity version shows no errors. (Same thing for unreal version but log is not so clean as also contains Unreal logs).


Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Many thanks for the answer !


How is best to stay updated on when you add support for my card?


(Also thanks to the mod who moved my question to the appropriate section. I notice I still can't post new topics however, what do I need to do to be able to?)

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