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Vive pro turn on for a few seconds then off


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Yea  I reinstalled steam vr with the virus scanner off  and those other errors stoped.  I did think the hdmi error was weird  too. Now I have already uninstalled vive software and steamer already. Is their any driver that I should uninstall from the computer that installing the vr software wont get?  I can make a system report should I post it here?

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I too am getting this issue.  I have recently re-visited the Vive Pro that I have which hasn't been used since the middle of 2018.  I have gone through the process of updating the firmware for everything, gone through a Windows 10 update and manually updated the NVIDIA 1070 driver to what I beleive is the latest version.


Everything else seems to be working except the video in the headset.  I can boot the sytem and it is green lights across the board.  I pick up the headset and am greeted with the home room for about 30 seconds and then the set goes black and won't come back.  The headset will sit untouched with a green light on the side until I pick it up when the light then goes red (to me this seems to be the wrong way round?).  As I am getting the video for a short time (and it seems to be consistent at each reboot) I don't think it is a cableing issue and the system worked fine last year.


I have uninstalled SteamVR (through Steam) and re-installed it.  Upgraded to the Beta and back again, to no avail.

I have (currently) got a message saying 'due to a recent crash SteamVR is running in Safe Mode'.  Not sure if this is making any difference but this message remains after the re-install of SteamVR.  Also I have HDMI message posted by SOUL which is strange as there is no HDMI associated with the Pro.  Prior to this I got an HDCP error message but this has recently gone and I can't quite remember what I did to lose that, but it was replaced with the HDMI one instead.


I also noted in my trawls of the internet that at the beginning of 2018 there seemed to be a similar issue with an NVIDIA driver update that seemed to be fixed by rolling back to previous driver.  I don't know if I can do this as my previous driver was from Aug 2018 and I don't think I want to go back to that.


I am wondering if a total re-install of Steam and SteamVR would help but I am not hopefull.  It might fix the 'crash' message though?


Any thoughts on any of this?  I am not an expert in the working of this system as I inherited it from elsewhere and  never set it up before, although I did play it for a while.


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