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Tracker recognized as Left Hand role, not Tracker


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I have just updated to ViveInputUtil 1.10.3 because previous version failed to buzz the haptics consistently.


In an empty Unity 2018.3.8 project, I add the OpenVR package with the package manager. Then import custom packages for the latest SteamVR plugin for Unity ( 1.2.3 )(SDK 1.0.12), then import VIU 1.10.3.


If I run the first example scene, tutorial, with 1 tracker and 1 controller powered up and paired to SteamVR, then it connects a controller to the right hand and the tracker to the left hand. The tracker uses the correct model rotated at the wrong angle. Nothing is connected to the tracker role in the ViveCameraRig.


When might we get a version of the VIU that correctly identifies trackers?


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